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Flexible, independent, bicycle services,

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 Road Bikes; Cargo Bikes; Hybrid Bikes; Dutch Bikes;

Tandem Bikes; Trike Bikes; Mums Bike, Dads and the Kids Bikes;

Penny Farthing Bikes; Recumbent Bikes; E-Bikes; BMX Bikes; Ladder Bikes!

and always Flying Bikes :-)

Service Approach

Preserve - Repair - Restore - Reuse - Refashion - Recycle

Mission Statement

- Help you have a bike that performs to it's best.

- Help you get the best maintenance support.

- Help you modify and equip your bike in a way that serves your needs.

- Help with doing your own mechanics and servicing, with top maintenance tips.

- Help new and old cyclists gain confidence and ride further than they ever dreamt they would (for riders 18+).


I have a City & Guilds Level 1&2 Cycle Industry qualification in Cycle Mechanics and 3 years teaching experience delivering the same City & Guilds level 1&2 course as a teaching assistant.

Now 10 years experience, teaching one day maintenance classes for companies and private clients and Dr Bike sessions for Councils and businesses.

But I feel, my main qualification is my love of the bicycle. I really enjoy the bicycles complex simplicity and the freedom they give us and so I love making them look good and fly as they should.

I am also provisionally certified as a 'National Standard Instructor', for delivering cycle training. (now known as Bikeabilty)

Fully insured and currently 10 years professional experience as a cycle mechanic and teacher.

Lorenzo Garofoli
Great service! Dave managed to repair the front forks of my vintage Dahon Classic III doing a marvellous job! He likes the challenges and that was a big one :) Always thorough in his explanations, he does his work to the highest level at a good price. Life saver!

Belinda Chellingworth
Great, honest and thorough service. Dave genuinely cares that his clients are happy and safe cyclers. He also comes to you which you can't put a price on! Would 110% recommend his services.

Fliss Berr
Dave is great! Fixed a puncture for me on my way to my friend's house one evening when all the other bike shops were closing and telling me they probably couldn't fit me in the next day either. Dave wanted to make sure I had somewhere I felt safe to wait in Fulham (it was dark) whilst he made his way to me. Fixed my bike in no time and gave it a quick check over. He's the only bike mechanic i'll use now, no more waiting for days in chain shops! I'll be contacting Dave next time my bike needs a service too.


I think having a dad who was into mechanics is a good influence, but I recall getting into bike mechanics around the age of 10, after getting a racing bike for my birthday. Looking after my bike was fun and interesting, but I grew up in a small village with miles of fields between things and so it also meant that if I didn’t learn to look after it, I would have to walk.

Later on in life, I came across this quote that, "If you find a job you enjoy, you’ll never have to work again." and so this became my focus for some years. I was very much into philosophy, theology, nature; those kinds of things and loved long distance walking. On a return trip from one said walk, I came across some old thrown away bicycles. I could see at least one good bicycle among all the parts and so took them home and got to fixing up a new bike, which got me into long distance riding.

This all had me getting back into my old hobby of maintaining and modifying my bike and noted that when I was working, time seemed to stop and was more like a meditation than any work. Then one day met a guy selling parts on Gumtree, who had a load of retro bikes he wanted restoring for a project of his. This soon became a friendship and I found myself slowly transformed into a bicycle mechanic. It was quite unexpected, though on reflection quite natural and somehow cyclic!!  ;-)