=For Call Out Service=
(Max 3 mile radius of SW6 7RY)

Please text me some details, so we can organise a plan for you:

- Name and where you live
- Pic's and/or details of your bike; for component type; speed, etc.
- What you feel your bike needs

I will then get back to you ASAP and within 24hrs, with date options.

Thank you

After I get to know you and your bike, things can get more tailored.

=For Workshop Service=

Get in contact to organise a date, so you can bring your bike to me in SW6 7RY

(Normal scenario; drop off early morning, collect late afternoon/evening)


=Service Guide=
** Prices are "approximate" and stated as a guide to what’s included in a service -
so this could even be less than stated - though minimum Call-Out charge is £20

You'll always be kept informed as work is carried out.

MOT Service

The basic service - works well as the six monthly health check for the regular commuter or to build up new bikes, out of the box, etc.


What's entailed-

All components, nuts and bolts are checked for security. The operation of the brakes, bottom bracket, headset, gears, wheels, pedals, etc. are all checked for safety and wear and basic adjustments made.

The structural condition of the frame is also checked over, chain cleaned and oiled and tyres inflated to correct pressures.

TLC Service

The standard full service option. Good service for when the need for new gears and chain are needed.


What's entailed-

Includes all of the basic service above; plus -

Brake system is fully serviced (NB. Hydraulic brakes see below); wheels spoke tensions checked and trued; Bottom bracket, hubs and headset bearings assessed and replaced if necessary* and topped up with grease if applicable; stem and seatpost greased to prevent seizure, cables and gear components fitted* if necessary.


If your bikes in a really super grubby, really greasy.. it may make more sense to bring it to me for a workshop service. But please contact to discuss if unsure.

Full Works Service

Scroll down for Workshop Service price section..

Puncture Repairs

Front and standard single speed or dérailleur rear wheels - £25.00

Bikes with fully encased chains, or electric hubs - £35.00

I will often endeavour to fix the puncture with a patch if the hole is small; also from an eco friendly approach.
But happy to fit a tube if you'd prefer. (tube or patch is included in price)
Also, both options are £5 cheaper if you bring your bike to me.

=Workshop Services=

"Full Works" Service

Strip down and re-build. A total renovation of your bike and good option for major modification/upgrades, or when major parts are needing to be replaced. i.e,  bottom bracket, complete headset, drive-train, etc.


What's entailed-

This entails all of the services involved in the MOT and TLC, including a total strip down and rebuild of your bicycle, giving your bike a new lease of life and feeling and looking as good as new.
Paintwork also polished if applicable.

Hydraulic Brake Bleeding

£35.00* each or £50.00* for pair
(includes new fluid)

N.B. Mineral Oil brakes only (No D.O.T. oil at present)

Contact me if your unsure what type you have, as most bikes these days are mineral.

Wheel Building and Truing (Truing can be part of call out service too)

Truing only (still fitted to bike - no spokes) - £15

With Spoke replacement (wheel and tyre removed) - £25 + £1 per spoke

Complete and custom wheel builds

from £35.00*

Please call to discuss

Frame prep and thread cleaning

From £30.00+

Good for preparing a freshly resprayed bike, replacing headsets or upgrading to outboard bearings, etc.

Please call to discuss

If you don’t see what you require above, please just ask.


(*) No parts included in prices above, unless stated

Need Parts!?

I'm not a shop for parts but I do stock all the basics needed for a service, like brake blocks, cables, chains, cassettes, BB's, etc.
But for tyres, saddles, mudguards; more personal choice items and non common parts, these will need to be ordered in.