It makes a lot of sense to understand how your bike works so that you notice what needs attention before it goes too wrong.

Knowing how to replace and adjust the basic parts on your bike keeps the annual costs of servicing down and is very rewarding and empowering. Essential if your going on any long distance rides.


  • Puncture repairs - removing wheels and changing tyres
  • Brakes - Pads, cables and balancing
  • Gears - Limiting, cables and Indexing
  • The M-Check - A systematic check - 'What can go wrong'
  • Changing chains and sprockets
  • General TLC tips
  • Wheel truing

Modules can be taken as mini practical classes or I can come and show you how to do individual repairs as and when your bike needs them. that way  can show you how its done, showing you the tools you'll need, so you'll know how to fix it the next time.